Force Testing Machine for Car AC Window

PRC has designed, developed & manufactured Force testing machine for automotive car AC window. This is a complete testing machine based on latest stat of art technology. Car AC Window force Testing Machine is an absolute solution to check the overall function of AC Windows with respect to movement, Open force & Closing force. This exclusive SPM is designed and build up to meet all technical criteria related to AC Window testing. It Provides multiple testing facilities to the user and has been proven as an ideal testing machine for the production lines of AC Window (Louver Comp.) manufacturers. PRC offers this machine at par with any imported machine technically and commercially viable in Industrial environment.

ftm-ac window

Salient Features:

Mechanical Fixture for component Dedicated application software for connectivity & compatibility Stepper Motor driven with drive and cables Ball Screw, guide rail bush bearing and hard fittings Working Table with jack, Pin board display, electrical point & tube light fitted Bar code printer Graph plotting facility & report generation in excel/PDF format Equipped with Pneumatic cylinders, Solenoid valve Air Regulators, read switches, Flow control valves & foam sensors

Machine Description & Technical Data:

  • Rated capacity of machine – 10 Kg f (or as per customers requirement)
  • Least count & Accuracy – 0.01 kg f. (Better then ±0.5 % of FSD, within range of 10 – 90% of capacity)
  • Sensor – Load cell (Strain gauge based) Universal type
  • Operating Force of Part – 2.0 Newton
  • Least count – 0.01 Newton
  • Measuring system – Data Acquisition system for measurement and control with Normal force, peak hold, tare zero facility, 4-channels load indication with high and low range setting as per tolerance, OK & Reject Indication Audio Visual Alarm 18-Bit Analog to digital convertor for signal conditioning, , inbuilt keys for parameter setting
  • Computer – All in one Industrial PC
  • Data Storage – Industrial PC loaded with window based software will be provided to control the various functions of machines with data storage capacity and On Line Display. Controller will provide data on RS232 serial port to interface PC in which installed software will act as HMI and do the analysis/calculations.