Production Counters (Hour/Shift Type)

PRC offer an innovative range of Production Counters for special applications where client does not want to see only Target, Production & Difference but also wants to customize the use of production counters. PRC has developed such a production counter that can be set for the Target, Production & difference on hourly basis. production data can be seen in individual hour screens and a cumulative production is shown in master window.

Prod counter-hourly

For 12 hours production there are 12 separate counters are provided which facilitate client to view the production data on hour basis. after completion of one hour, second hour counter is activated and this all happens with Real Time clock (RTC).

Client can always see a real time data per hour and any hour can be reset by pressing a switch. This is a unique type of production counter can be utilized in different manner. PRC can design & manufacture this kind of various designs of production counters to suit the client’s specific requirements.

Salient Features:

  • User friendly construction
  • Easy to install & operate
  • Protection through user password
  • Sturdy & rugged design for industrial environments
  • Indigenously developed & manufactured Sound service backup
  • Optional designs of one line, two lines & 3 lines or more

Technical Specification:

Display 4/5/6 & 8 Digits LED Display Size 1”, 2.5” & 4” Sensor Input 2 / 3 Wire Calculator Automatic Calculation for target Value using TAKT time & RTC (Real time clock) Keypad Remote type for Data setting / Reset.


Suitable for any type of production line