Torque Testing Machine for Gear Shifter

PRC offers advanced version of its Torque Testing Machines which are suitable for measuring Torque of any type of automobile components, Super intelligent Torque Testing Machine has all advanced features may be required for precision measurement of torque.


The machine checks the micro switch working, solenoid coil testing, LED Lamp glowing, if all function are OK then bar code printer generate a sticker and OK report saved. It has got 1050 mm height, On Line RS232 data recording facility, Bar code Printer, Printer interfacing Software, Marking for foolproof, Well aluminum sections working table The base plate will be machined and zinc plated to prevent rusting. Structure will be duly painted where ever required and leveling pads will be provided for +/- 25mm height adjustments.

Industrial PC loaded with window based software will be provided to control the various functions of machines with data storage capacity and On Line Display. Controller will have microprocessor, Analog to Digital converter