Leakage Testing Systems

PRC has more than 10 years expertise in designing, manufacturing & supplying of Leakage Testing Systems countrywide. These systems are supplied, semi automatic, fully automatic and computerized to meet the varied needs of customers.  PRC has wide experience of designing all three types of systems which are reliable, dependable and long performing. Enough care has been taken about the various leak methods to detect the leakage on various types of parts and components. PRC has expertise in:

  • Pressure decay leakage testing
  • Differential pressure leakage testing and
  • Vacuum leakage testing

Where precision tests are done on leakage rate, leakage limits & overall leakage status. PRC proud to offer any Import Substitute in leakage testing. Systems are designed with utmost precision, this testing system perfectly meets the national & international quality standards.

PRC has designed, developed, manufactured and supplied following types of leak testing systems:

  • Leakage Testing System (Differential Pressure type)
  • Leakage Test System (HMI Touchscreen type)
  • Leakage Testing Systems (Pressure Decay type)
  • Leakage Testing System (Vacuum Type)