Torque Testing Machine for Car AC Window

Car AC Window Performance Testing Machine is an absolute solution to check the overall function of AC Windows with respect to movement, Open force, Closing force and measurement of rotating torque. This exclusive SPM is designed and build up to meet all technical criteria related to AC Window testing. It Provides multiple testing facilities to the user and has been proven as an ideal testing machine for the production lines of AC Window manufacturers. PRC offers this machine at par with any imported machine technically and commercially viable in Industrial environment.

ttm-ac win

Salient features:

  • Measurement of Open & Closing force
  • Measurement of rotating torque
  • Use of reliable & Industrial class components
  • Use of branded raw material
  • Cost effective & User friendly
  • Designed to suit Industrial environment
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Rugged & robust construction
  • Long lasting performance
  • Sound service back up after sale

Machine Function:

PRC make AC Window Performance Testing Machine is supplied with a suitable fixture built exclusively as per the design of AC Window. The window is fixed with this fixture and operated through a PLC controlled stepper motor with drive. Machine is equipped with Load cell and torque sensor to measure the said parameters. The output parameters are displayed on three LED and one LCD display. Machine is designed to accept 28 various digital inputs and to deliver 12 digital outputs as desired.

Technical Specification:

  • Application- AC Window Performance Testing
  • Measuring Parameters- Opening force, Closing force & Rotating torque
  • Sensors- Load cell & Torque transducers of suitable capacity
  • Digital display- 3 Nos. 7 segment, 6 digit, LED Display to indicate above 3 parameters
  • 1 No. 4×20 LCD display for setting of desired parameters
  • Function mode- Auto & Manual (selectable)
  • Motor- Stepper motor with drive
  • Calibration- Automatic
  • Special function- OK & NG with buzzer
  • Counters- Online counters provided for Production or for Endurance Testing cycles (Optional)
  • Inputs- 28 Digital inputs
  • Outputs- 12 Digital outputs