Leakage Testing Machine for Head Lamps

PRC make Vacuum type Leakage testing Machine is suitable for leakage testing of Head Lamps. This is “Vacuum Decay” type testing machine to suit comprehensive range of tests. This machine has all advanced features may be required for precision detection of leakage.

ltm-head lamp

Salient features:

  • Highly reliable & dependable
  • Micro controller based Digital controller
  • Smart pneumatic circuits
  • Accurate measurement
  • User friendly operation
  • Protection through user password
  • Process status indication
  • Strain gauge type vacuum digital transmitters

Theory of Working:

The leakage testing machine works basically on “Vacuum Decay” principle. Vacuum applied with preset value. The final differential vacuum is obtained after allowing sufficient time for the drift to stabilize and is therefore considered to indicate a true leak without noise. The pre-set value is calculated by subtracting the value B from the initial measurement A. this is the value used to compensate drift in subsequent tests. Indication feature The system memorizes various parameters setting by selecting channel such as OK/NG criteria and the duration of CHG, BAL & DET stages. These setting can be restored easily.