Leakage Testing Systems (Pressure Decay type)

PRC has developed & designed its most advance model of Pressure Decay Type Leakage Testing systems for precision leak detection through dry air leakage testing. It is faster, precise & reliable testing machines which consumes much lesser time to detect the leakage in comparison to other type of leak testing

Leak tester decay

Salient Features:

  • User friendly, easy to operate
  • All test parameters such as pressure limit, leak rate, test cycle settable
  • Least testing time
  • Rugged & robust construction
  • Endless performance
  • Less maintenance
  • Better GO/NO result quality
  • Better accuracy & precise measurement
  • Complete machine with fixture & pneumatic


  • Automotive Components: leak testing for cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, engine assembly, transmission case, fuel filler, water tanks, fuel pipes, manifolds, cam covers, clutch housing, gearboxes, automotive lights etc.
  • Engineering components: leak testing for pumps, valves, hydraulic & air cylinders etc.
  • Medical Devices: leak testing for syringes, transfusion tubes, drug delivery devices & pumps, IV sets, tubing sets,

Working Principle:

In pressure decay method, the part under test is pressurized (i.e. filled with air until it reaches to a set pressure), then isolated from the supply pressure.  The pressure within the part is monitored using a pressure sensor, and as the air leaks out, the pressure drops.  The leak rate can be calculated based on the change in pressure over a certain period of time.