Impact Testing Machines

We are renowned manufacturers and suppliers of Impact testing machines. Impact is a very important phenomenon in governing the life of a structure. Impact tests are used in studying the toughness of material. A material’s toughness is a factor of its ability to absorb energy during deformation. Brittle materials have low toughness as a result of the small amount of deformation that they can endure. The impact value of a material can also change with temperature. Generally, at lower temperatures, the impact energy of a material is decreased. The size of the specimen may also affect the value of the Izod impact test because it may allow a different number of imperfections in the material, which can act as stress risers and lower the impact energy.


PRC offers Digital Impact Testers for both types of tests i.e. Izod & Charpy Impact Testing. Impact resistance is one of the most important properties for component designers to consider, as well as the most difficult to quantify. Impact resistance is a critical measure of service life and it involves the perplexing problem of product safety and liability. Keeping in view this fact, PRC has designed this system by which an accurate and precision impact testing can be done.

Charpy Impact Testing Machine works on pendulum principle. In this test, the difference between the height of drop of the pendulum before rupture of material and the height of the rise after rupture of the specimen is directly proportionate to the impact energy absorbed by the specimen is directly indicated by the digital indicator. The impact test performed by this machine is for metallic materials.

The test consists of:

Breaking by one blow from a swinging pendulum, under conditions defined by ASTM standard. A test piece notched in the middle and supported at each end. The energy absorbed is determined in joules and this absorbed energy is a measure of the impact strength of the material.

Salient features:

  • Measuring range of 200 to 500 Joules (or customized range of measurement)
  • Designed as per ASTM standard
  • Digital Display
  • Printout of test data facility (optional)
  • Pendulum release by “One Hand Operation”
  • Lifting arrangement of Pendulum “Electro-Mechanical”
  • Rigid & robust construction to suit the Indian environmental conditions
  • Precision & accurate measurement
  • Izod & Charpy both type of test facility
  • Reliable & dependable
  • Digital or computer controlled measurement
  • Computer connectivity & Printout facility (optional)