Leakage Testing Machine for Separator Set Fuel Filler

PRC offers Leakage Testing Machine for Separator Set Fuel Filler. This is specially designed machine for testing of fuel filler. The Machine is provided from 0.1 bar to 1.0 bar capacity which has test pressure range 0.6 bar. The Machine can perform the test in lowest cycle time of 25 seconds. It has got Micro controller based digital system for sequence operation with 20X4 LCD display with back light for display parameter. 16 inputs and 16 potential free relay outputs are also provided for ease of operation. 8 keys key pad incorporated for parameter setting.

ltm-fuel filler

Salient features:

  • Cost effective, economic solution
  • Water dip type test facility
  • Sturdy & rugged construction for long term operation
  • User friendly & password protected

As a special feature, an auto manual operation mode is provided. All testing parameter can be changed or set by user as per requirement i.e. clamping time, Fill time, Testing time, rotating time, password protection etc.