Pressure Controller for Heavy Presses (For Die Cushion)

PRC has designed & developed a complete solution for heavy presses (Pneumatic) manufacturers & users for their pressure controlling problems. It is very challenging to maintain predetermined pressure in the presses to produce a good quality product. Many times product is rejected due to increase or decrease in pressure which costs to manufacturer very high.

Pressure- controller2

Independent electronic module for die cushion & counter balance

Due to manually controlled pressure by regulator of cushion & counter balance the following drawbacks has removed by using above automatic pressure controlling system.


  • Production Was Less (Due To High Pressure Setting Time)
  • Production Rejection Was High (Due To Not Exact Setting Of Pressure As Components Were Required.
  • Hard In Machining. (High Cushion Impact On Slide, Due To High Cushion Pressure)
  • Not Proper Shape Of Component. (Due To Less Cushion Pressure)

Counter balance

Motor Taking High Current When Balance Pressure of Counter Is High. Motor Taking High Current When Balance Pressure of Counter Is Low. Slide Coming Down May Cause Of Accident, Due To Not Proper Counter Balance Pressure As Per Slide And Die Weight.

Automatic pressure controller

Easy To Set Pressure for both Cushion And Counter Balance. Set Both Pressure as Per Component’s Requirement Once And Forget It. High Production and No Rejection. Less Power Consumption. Improve Product Quality And Do Safe Production.


  • Designed to suit the Indian environmental conditions
  • Inexpensive in comparison to other solutions
  • Precision & accurate pressure setting
  • Wide application range
  • Reliable & dependable
  • User friendly with standard warranty
  • Customized solutions available

Standard Specifications:

  • Application- Suitable for presses (Die Cushion & Counter Balance)
  • Display- Two 20 x 4 lines LCD with back light.
  • Analog Input- Two Analog inputs for Strain Gauge type Pressure Transducer.
  • Digital Inputs- 8 Digital Inputs.
  • Outputs- 8 Relay outputs for Machine operation.
  • Function mode- Auto & Manual.
  • Calibration- Simple calibration procedure for Pressure Transducer.
  • Keypad- 4 keys to enter parameters & operation control.
  • Indication- LED For (Pressure – Fill, Pressure – Ok & Pressure – Exit).
  • Buzzer- For low & High Pressure status.
  • Settable parameters- Air low & High Limits.
  • Controller- Two independent controllers for Cushion & Counter Balance.