Leakage Test System (HMI Touchscreen Type)

PRC offers its most advances Leakage test system designed for any types of automotive components. This is a dry air leakage test system based on differential pressure (DP) principle. The differential pressure leak test, is easy to set up, but can prove much more sensitive in certain leak detection applications. The sensitivity of the transducer is not related to the actual pressure in absolute or gauge pressure terms, but to the sensitivity of the differential pressure transducer at the test pressure. PRC make DP Leakage Testers are unparalleled and well suited to differential pressure test requirements in the automotive, engineering & pharmaceutical sectors.

Leak tester- HMI touch screen

Suitable for Leakage testing of any types of component in automotive, engineering & pharmaceutical industries. HMI touchscreen models are also available for Pressure decay & vacuum leak testing.

Features & Specification:

  • Portable, easy to use & user friendly
  • Differential pressure (DP) type
  • Menu driven HMI touch screen display
  • Measuring units in BAR & PASCAL both
  • On line graph plotting facility
  • USB port to connect pen drive for test data storage
  • Rugged, robust with heavy duty performance
  • Password protected
  • Cost effective
  • Precision measurement of leak values
  • OK / NG indication with buzzer
  • Special port provided for use of leak master