Leakage Testing Machine for Fuel Pipe

PRC has again achieved another milestone in designing, developing and manufacturing an intelligent version of leakage testing machine for fuel pipe. This machine is well equipped with all advance features, user friendly operation and audio visual alarm. User can run this machine without any problem for non stop performance.

ltm-fuel pipe

Features of “Parametric” Leak Testing Machines:

  • Highly accurate & dependable
  • Quick leak detection
  • Multi-channel operation
  • Smart pneumatic & electronic circuits
  • Easy calibration through Leak Masters.
  • PC Interface through RS 232 C
  • Pressure Decay leak measurements
  • Strain gauge based pressure transducers / transmitters.

Theory of working:

The original dry-air method is pressure decay, in which the test part is pressurized and then isolated from the pressure source. Because air moves from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area, any decrease in pressure indicates the presence of a leak. Algorithms then convert pressure changes into an approximation of the leak rate.