Leakage Testing System (Differential Pressure type)

PRC has got expertise in developing & manufacturing Differential Pressure type Leakage Testing system which is one of the fastest methods of leakage testing, Differential pressure testing is well suited for many applications. Differential Pressure leakage testing involves measuring the drop in pressure inside the component over time as a result of escaping material. However, in a differential pressure test, the change in pressure is measured inside the part compared to the pressure inside a control volume charged to the same pressure as the component.

The differential pressure leakage test, is easy to set up, but can prove much more sensitive in certain leakage detection applications. The sensitivity of the transducer is not related to the actual pressure in absolute or gauge pressure terms, but to the sensitivity of the differential pressure transducer at the test pressure.

PRC make DP Leakage Testing systems are unparalleled and well suited to differential pressure test requirements in the automotive, engineering & pharmaceutical sectors.

 Leak tester- differential pressure

Salient Features:

  • Panel with 24-bit A/D converter for fast processing
  • High-resolution test results
  • Fully integrated electronics and pneumatic
  • Integrated self test feature
  • Automatic environmental drift compensation
  • Computer connectivity through RS 232
  • Pressure resolution to 0.004%
  • Sturdy & Long lasting pneumatic valves
  • Easy calibration
  • High quality Differential Pressure Transducer to measure the difference between the test part and a Master volume.
  • High quality Absolute Pressure Transducer to check test pressures and displays pressure relative to atmosphere (gauge pressure).
  • Select able digital Inputs & Outputs