Torque Tester for Bottle Cap

PRC offers an excellent solution for the testing of opening & closing torque of bottle cap. As a critical application of torque testing of bottle cap has always been a challenging job for the bottle manufacturers. PRC has designed this tester to meet the requirement of precision torque testing of bottle cap opening/closing. The torque of bottle cap is measured in a very safe and precise manner to ensure the reliability, quality and performance of various types of bottle.

ttm-bottle cap

Salient features:

  • Highly precision torque measurement
  • Long term durability & reliability
  • Use of reliable & Industrial class components
  • Cost effective & User friendly
  • Designed to suit Industrial environment
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Rugged & robust construction

Technical Features:

Torque Sensor Capacity – 0-50
Testing Range – 0-50
Sensor Type – Strain gauge based reaction type torque sensor
Least Count – 0.01
Measurement Unit – Micro controller based measuring system with tare zero, auto peak and Reset facility, peak hold, high & low limits setting provision, OK & NG, two relay output
Digital Display – 6 Digit LED
Converter – 18 bit Analog to Digital Converter
Accuracy – Better than 0.25 % of FSD within range of 10 to 90 % of capacity
Unit Conversion – N.m,, & LB.ft
Working mode – CW and CCW
Circuit Supply – 5 V DC to 12 V DC
Mains Power Supply – 220 V AC, ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Protection – Electrical noise protected circuit, password protection etc.
Structure – All in one adjustable mechanism for different size of bottles