Leakage Testing Machine for Axle

PRC make Leakage testing machines are appropriate selection to test cylinder heads, fuel tanks, manifolds, cam covers, clutch housing, gearboxes, pumps, valves, hydraulic & air cylinders, automotive lights & other components which are critically designed & needs precision leak testing. These machines are at par with any imported machines & PRC proud to offer any IMPORT SUBSTITUTE in leakage testing. Machines are designed with utmost precision, this testing system perfectly meets the national & international quality standards. The offered testing systems are manufactured using latest technology.PRC has designed, developed & manufactured leak testing machine for rear axle of automobile. this is unique in design and serves great purpose for the manufacturer.


Features of “Parametric” Leak Testing Machines:

  • Highly accurate & dependable
  • Quick leak detection
  • Multi-channel operation
  • Smart pneumatic & electronic circuits
  • Easy calibration through Leak Masters.
  • PC Interface through RS 232 C
  • Pressure Decay leak measurements
  • Strain gauge based pressure transducers / transmitters.

Theory of working:

The original dry-air method is pressure decay, in which the test part is pressurized and then isolated from the pressure source. Because air moves from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area, any decrease in pressure indicates the presence of a leak. Algorithms then convert pressure changes into an approximation of the leak rate.