Leakage Testing Machine for Muffler Assembly

PRC has designed, developed & manufactured complete Leak testing machine for Muffler assembly. It is suitable to test leakage of various parts of muffler Assembly with additional testing stations.

ltm-muffler assly

Salient Features:

Smart micro controller based electronic panel for measurement Industrial class 1 pneumatic tools Rugged, robust, highly dependable & reliable Cost effective & user friendly design Higher accuracy, least count & precision testing range Strain gauge based pressure sensor

Machine Description:

This rated capacity of machine is 1.0 bar where a test can be performed from 0.1 to 0.9 bar pressure range. It has been designed to produce least count & accuracy up to 0.0001 Bar/ ( cc/minute as per settings ). A precision strain gauge based pressure sensor is used for pressure measurement. It has got most advance electronic controller which is having 20X4 LCD display with backlight for display parameters, 18 Bit AD converter for pressure signal conditioning, 16 inputs and 16 potential free relay output, 8 keys key pad for parameter setting, Audio visual alarm with LED indication for OK, Reject. Counters for Ok and NG provided.

As a special feature many other facilities are provided such as Auto manual operation, All testing parameter to be changed by user as per requirement i.e. Clamping time, Pressure time, Stabilizing time, Testing time, Stamping time, Pressure range, Permissible pressure leakage value in cc/minute. Loading & unloading has to be done manually with single piece flow. A settable cycle time provision is given to facilitate user at its most.

Machine has got well fabricated structure with guarding sections. The base plate is machined and zinc plated to prevent rusting. Structure is duly painted where ever required and leveling pads will be provided for +/- 110 mm height adjustments.